Bodyshop Wreck Program

Does your auto body repair shop deal with too many complaints from customers that have been forced by their insurance company to repair their car?

“It’s not the right color” or “I can still see the damage” or worst of all…”I’m going to sue your shop!”

Now you can avoid the nightmares of repairing vehicles that really have no business being repaired. By becoming a profit center partner with TradeYourWreck.com, you can give your customers options instead of living with a disgruntled customer, and make money by doing it.

A few of the benefits of partnering up with TradeYourWreck.com are:

  • Improving your bottom line.
  • Add a new revenue stream to your business.
  • Keep your body men working on repairs that show a profit, rather than new major projects.

A few of your customers really don’t want to drive a repaired vehicle, but they don’t feel like they have any options. Now you have an alternative to repairing that unprofitable vehicle and still make money!

Call Vemark today at 877.392.6276 to find out how partnering up with TradeYourWreck.com can turn tough repairs into easy money.