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Salvage My Car For Cash

Can I Salvage My Car For Cash?

Yes, when it comes to getting money from your wrecked car, there are actually many options. Though once a vehicle has been in an accident, it becomes nearly impossible to re-sell, or trade in for the blue book value. The consumer can approach the insurance company and ask for a diminished value claim, or sell the vehicle before repairs are done. For the vast majority of cases, it makes sense to do both. This is known as diminished value claim. Essentially, we see a significant drop in the value of a vehicle once it has been in an accident, regardless of the repairs made. It’s assumed that the vehicle has been repaired to the fullest extent, yet retains a lower value because of the crash. In fact, the standard rule for a damaged car is 15-25% less than the blue book value.

Think about this for a moment, once a vehicle has been in an accident, insurance companies cover the repair cost, but drivers are still left at a loss. Repairing the car is a costly, ultimately ineffective route, as resale values in the long-run will be low. People frequently ask, do dealerships take damaged cars? Yes, but they reduce the trade-in value significantly. A better option is to sell a wreck to a reputable company.


Who will buy my wrecked car?

Insurance Companies – Whenever you are involved in a serious car accident, where your vehicle becomes inoperable your car will be filed as a total loss. The majority of the time, your insurance company will give you a settlement for the vehicle and you will have enough money to purchase your next vehicle. This, however, is not true all the time and other means may be necessary.

Salvaged Auto Auctions – These are auctions are the middleman between you and many insurance companies. It is a process of bringing in potential buyers who will bid on your vehicle for the best competitive price. In essence, you can actually make more money by going through the salvaged auto auctions than going straight to the insurance companies.

Full-service Salvage Yards – These yards are services to are known to break down your late-model crashed car into parts and selling them to body shops, car dealerships, garages. Then they provide warranty for the parts that they sell to other companies. Because of this model from the full-service salvage yards, you can get very good money this way.


What is my best option?

Typically when determining the factors in the evaluation of your vehicle to get the best price you will find that there is a lot of variants in price as to what people think your car is worth. That is why we think salvaged auto auctions are the best choice. Let others determine what is the max price for your car by bidding on it against each other. If they want your car, they are going to have to outbid everyone else.


Let Trade Your Wreck Help

We here at Trade Your Wreck have our team of specialists evaluate and inspect your wrecked vehicle for particular damages and make sure your vehicle can be salvaged. We then put your vehicle through an online auction where other buyers bid and give the best price. You have the option of picking up a great offer at your own discretion. We make our process very simple and efficient so you can get your money fast. You can use it to get money for a used vehicle or a brand new car!

Get your FREE quote today! Just fill out the form to figure out what your wrecked vehicle is really worth. At Trade Your Wreck we have a long history of successful transactions and satisfied customers. There is no better option than us.

Reasons to Consider Purchasing a Salvaged Vehicle

purchasing a salvaged vehicle

There has always been a major debate over the merits of purchasing a car or vehicle with a that has been in an accident. Critics will sometimes allege that buyers can not always know how bad the damage was, or they point to issues with insurance, finances and reduced value problems.

Here at Trade Your Wreck, we provide you with all the info you need to make an informed purchase on our online auto auction or you are looking to salvage your vehicle.

Lower Price

Arguably the largest reason for many buyers of cars that have been in an accident previously is the price. Potential buyers can locate cars at potentially significantly lower rates when they have been in an accident in the past, even after all damage has been repaired. Intelligent buyers who are looking to get the best deal may notice that they are paying under what is traditionally referred to as the “blue book value”. Our goal is to provide you with one of the worlds largest online auto auctions that feature cars of all makes, models, and conditions.

A salvage title remains with the car for the remainder of its lifetime. If you purchased it to get 60% of its usual price, you may only have the ability to receive 60% of its usual value when you sell it. The total effect is that you save a great deal when you maintain it for quite a very long moment. But should you elect to sell your car every two or three decades, your savings in the time of buying is going to probably be clubbed in the time of selling, once you’ll have a more difficult time trying to market it and it is possible you may not make as much back.

Possible Insurance Savings

Some buyers use the idea of lower cost car in their own favor through insurance. They call up insurance agents and shop around for an insurance company that will match the lower value of the car they have purchased. This can potentially lead to lower insurance payments depending on the type of insurance that is chosen for your car.

Cars For Life

Many people who purchase a used vehicle such as the ones we offer at our auction will go on to drive it for many years. Some may even drive their car for the remainder of its life. Here is the idea: any car is only as good as its performance or getting you from point A to point B. If a significantly cheaper vehicle is able to perform the same job as a brand new car, the buyer has saved potentially a very large amount of money.

In addition, If you are already knowledgeable and skilled in repairing vehicles and properly maintaining them, a salvage vehicle may be perfect for you. If you know your way around a junkyard and you are not averse to scratching your knuckles a little, it is possible to save additional cash by purchasing a salvage-title automobile that has not been completely fixed yet. If you can figure the expense of the repairs still desired, and what it could take to include them you can figure out how much you can save and how much value you can add back into the automobile, you could save significantly.

The First Car

Used vehicles that have been previously damaged can make a great first car for someone in the family who is just starting to drive. There’s no need to purchase an incredibly expensive new vehicle when a previously used car acquired at auction will provide the same basic transportation you are looking for. Save money and cut the bottom line by considering purchasing a car from our online auto auction.


Like most things in life, there is a reward for hard or risk. If you are ready to look at purchasing your next automobile, you could be able to pocket the significant cost savings. This decision is of course entirely up to you, so feel free to think it over or get in contact with our auto auction team if you have any questions.


Three Reasons Salvage Cars Help You Save Money

salvage cars help you save money

When it comes to buying a car, we understand the certain buyers may want to purchase a car that’s brand new. But what about others that may not be able to do so. This is where buying a salvage car can come into play.

Maybe you’re a freshman college student and you need a vehicle that can get you from A or B. Or maybe, you’ve hit a turmoil with your finances and will have to downgrade your vehicle. We are here to let you know there is absolutely no shame in driving a salvage car if you need to get your financial situation in order. Who knows, maybe down the road, you can sell your salvage car and purchase that brand spanking new vehicle that you’ve been having your eyes on.

Here are our three reasons salvage cars can help you save money.

You Don’t Pay High Price Tags and Payments

I’m sure you know that buying a car today is not the same as buying a car from yesteryears. If you were to go to a car dealership right now, a brand new economy size vehicle can be priced around $20,000 or more. Even worse, if you went through with a car purchase, you now have a high car payment (depending on your credit score) that you agreed to pay (usually a 60-month term). When buying a salvage car, situations like this will not happen to you. You can buy a salvage car for way less than $20,000. Salvaged cars usually fall around the range of $2000 or less, a price range we are confident you can afford.

You Can Use The Extra Money For Emergencies and Maintenance.

We mentioned previously about purchasing a high priced vehicle and high car payments. In essence, when you buy a salvage car outright, guess what? Whatever income you are making currently, you can now use your money and have the potential to save it in case of emergencies. We know in life things can happen that’s out of your control. When you see your savings start to increase, you will be at ease knowing that you can handle anything that comes your way financially. In addition to saving your money, you can use it to maintain your salvage car for regular services and car insurance. An inexpensive monthly car insurance policy and regular checkups every 5,000 miles will put you in a better position than having an expensive high car note with the added high insurance cost to boot.

In another scenario, let’s say you got into an accident and you’re looking to sell your wrecked car. We can help you in purchasing your damaged vehicle where you can get cash for it. Whether you want to save the money or use the money to get another vehicle, you have those options to do so.

You Can Sell Your Salvage Car For Profit

If you are comfortable in handling the maintenance yourself, you can buy a salvage car, fix it, then place it in classified ads to be sold for a profit. There are many people in your area who will need a vehicle to go to work. If you know others in your community who is in need of a vehicle, you can help them by adding extra repairs to a salvaged car and selling it to them. But what if you don’t want to go through all that hassle. At Trade Your Wreck, we buy salvage and wrecked vehicles from those who’ve been in an accident. If your car is a late model and has damages that can be repaired, we can provide you an online auction where you could sell your vehicle. You could use the cash to buy you a completely different vehicle altogether.


Here at Trade Your Wreck, we hope we provided three really good reasons how buying salvage cars can help you save money. If you are someone who’s looking to purchase a salvage vehicle, you can check out an online portal by clicking here, where you can bid on a vehicle that you’d like to buy at an affordable rate.

The Benefits of Online Automobile Auctions

Benefits of Online Automobile Auctions

We are sure there are many websites that cater to buyers looking for purchase salvage cars and sellers looking to sell their wrecked vehicle. From our research at Trade Your Wreck, we saw an opportunity where there were many inaccuracies and inefficiencies in the auction industry and we wanted to provide solutions for buyers and sellers where we could offer options for salvaged vehicles that were affordable, easy to purchase, and rebuilt at a very high standard. Today, we would love to show you the benefits of online automobile auctions that we recommend for purchasing or selling your salvage vehicle.

They Cover Salvage Vehicles Nationwide

One of our main goals is to provide many salvage pools and auctions across the United States nationwide for our customers. We want you to have access to many vehicles where you can make detailed, informed and intelligent decisions to buy or sell your next salvaged vehicle. If you are looking for rental vehicles, fleet & lease vehicles, or dealer vehicles, you can feel confident that the options we recommend have these vehicles available to you. We want you to realize that our auction recommendation has vehicles that are late models that have minimal damage and not extremely old vehicles that have been through major wear and tear.

They Have Risk-Free Listings

We want you, as a buyer, to know that our online automobile auction goes through a very strict process to make sure our vehicles have been repaired, rebuilt, and given the green light to be placed in the market. Every vehicle in the online portal contains detailed information such as the estimates, the location, vehicle type, and vehicle damage information. In addition, we would like to inform you that our large selection of vehicles in our online portal possess clean titles from insurance and fleet companies. We want to put you in a comfortable position where you’ve made the right decision and you’ve purchased a salvaged vehicle that is safe on the road for you and others.

They Have A Simple Bidding Process

We wanted to have an online portal for those who may have been through a vehicle auction for the first time or for experienced individuals who’ve bought salvage vehicles on many occasions. Our auction has a registration process that’s very easy and once all of your information is confirmed, you can start bidding on a particular salvaged vehicle in no time. 


In the end, Trade Your Wreck love to help customers such as yourself around the United States to purchase and sell salvaged vehicles and make it as simple and streamlined as possible. If you are in the market for buying and selling salvage vehicles, you can click here and go to our online automobile auction. They have a huge database of available vehicles for you to bid anywhere at any time.

What to Do If You Have Been in a Car Wreck 


car wreck

Being in a car wreck can be a very emotional and devastating experience. You loved your car, became attached to it, and it was a part of you. Somewhat like being with your best friend that you would hang with for long periods of time, having tons of fun together. Now that you have been in an accident, even though at this point you and others are safe, you are standing over your vehicle thinking how in the world can you do the things that you love to do when you were using your car such as going to the latest restaurants or taking a trip. Even worse, how are you now going to get to your job so you can continue to make an income? These are tough questions to ask yourself, and we know that this can leave you feeling very depressed.

What are The Steps One Must Do After A Car Wreck

The most important step that one should face when dealing with a car wreck is to first not panic. Of course, this is what others usually do when faced with situations that are life-threatening. The best thing to do is to stay calm and realize that even though your car has been damaged, at the end of the day you are safe and come back from your dilemma. In addition, you are making sure that other parties involved in the car wreck are safe and sound, and are also calm.

The second important step is to not mention any information except the police you have arrived at the scene and to your insurance company. You may be disarray and don’t want to be giving out false information to anyone. Then, call your family and friends to let them know that you have been in a car wreck you and that you are fine and have not been hurt.

The third step is to gather information from others that were involved in the car wreck, such as drivers license numbers, license plate numbers, insurance policy numbers, etc… Take photos of all the damaged parts of the vehicles. While doing this, be nice and polite, and never mention that it was the other parties fault for the car wreck.

Who Should I Call To Trade My Wrecked Car

Of course, you should call Trade Your Wreck. You can actually sell your wrecked car if unfortunately, you don’t want to repair it. When it comes to your vehicle, we will most certainly take proper care of it. We know that you loved the car, and our specialists will never treat it like it’s just a piece of “scrap metal”. We will evaluate your vehicle and send our information to an online auction to give you the best price that we wholeheartedly believe you would accept. You can use the money to purchase a brand new car just like the model that you had before.

Sell Wrecked Cars to Us! We Buy Wrecked Cars

We Buy Salvage Cars | Sell Your Wreck Today

Sell Wrecked Cars to Us! We Buy Salvage Cars

Many times when people are involved in a car accident they think that the only option they have with their now wrecked car is to have the insurance company get an estimate of the damage and give cover the cost of repairing the wrecked car. Many people don’t realize that this, while a common option in dealing with a wrecked car, is NOT the only option.

Having your insurance company cover the cost of repairing your wrecked car or truck is NOT the only option. Now, instead of being forced to drive a previously wrecked vehicle that has been repaired, people have the option to sell wrecked cars and still claim the insurance check from their insurance company! What does this mean? You can take the insurance check and the check from selling your wrecked car and go to the car dealership to buy a brand new car! Doesn’t that ease your mind a little?

We Buy Salvage Cars – Sell Us Your Wrecked Car

At Trade Your Wreck we specialize in buying damaged and wrecked cars and trucks from people just like you who have recently been involved in an accident. We know that the thought of driving around in a previously wrecked car can be overwhelming and depressing, not to mention the mechanical issues and value lost over the remaining life of your previously wrecked vehicle. That is why we offer the option for people to sell wrecked cars to us and allow us.

Unlike a traditional “We buy Salvage Cars” company, we don’t buy cars for a couple of hundred dollars to junk them. We work with new or modern vehicles that have been wrecked and help the owners sell their wrecked car and get a check for the value of their wrecked car, along with a check from there insurance company.

Are You Ready to Sell Your Salvage Car?

Now that you know that you have more than one option when it comes to your wrecked or damaged car, are you ready to sell your salvage car? If you are ready to sell your wrecked car, or if you would like more information, we are here to assist you! For more information on selling your wrecked car, or if you have wrecked vehicle questions, simply fill out the contact form on our contact us page or call us at 877-392-6276. If you are ready to get started on selling your wrecked vehicle, simply go over to our Get Started page and make the next step in selling your salvage car today!

Advantages to Selling Your Wrecked Car

Advantages to Selling Your Wrecked Car or Truck

For many people who have had their vehicle damaged or wrecked in a car accident, they believe that the only option they have is having their insurance company cover the cost of the repairs and fixing their damaged or wrecked car. This, however, is not the only option when dealing with a damaged car and people can in fact sell a wrecked or damaged car and also receive their check from the insurance company!

If you are thinking of this option, trading in your wrecked car or vehicle, you might want to know about the advantages of selling a wrecked or damaged car. There are in fact many advantages to selling a damaged vehicle as opposed to having your insurance company cover the cost of repairing it. Below we have highlighted just a few of the main advantages.

Your damaged car may not be the same after your vehicle repair is complete

People are generally led to believe that after your damaged vehicle is repaired by a body shop or mechanic, it is in fact as good as new. This is not always the case. When your car or truck is involved in an accident the damage that you and the body shop / mechanic discover may not be ALL the damage your wrecked car has received. It’s true that body shops and mechanics will try to discover all of the damage done to the car in order to quote and repair but it can be difficult at times to examine all the parts of a car. This means that even after your body shop or mechanic fix your damaged car, there could still be damaged parts unseen that could cause problems down the road.

A wrecked car will lose value after the vehicle is repaired

Even if your damaged or wrecked car looks and drives like new after the repairs are done following your accident, the actual value of your car will be less than that of the same car without a previous accident. As mentioned in the point above, damaged or wrecked vehicles tend to not be in the same shape as ones without a previous accident and, even if they are, having an accident listed on your vehicle’s history report will lessen the value of that car. Regardless if you planned to sell it to a private party or trade it in to a car dealership, you will be getting less for a previously damaged or wrecked vehicle as opposed to one without any damage or accident. In some cases, the could result in a significant decrease in value.

You could be driving a new car instead of a damaged vehicle

After you get your fixed vehicle back from the body shop or mechanic you will always know that your car was involved in an accident and received damage. Every time you hear a sound, feel a weird vibration or notice a panel looking a little different from the rest of the vehicle, you will be reminded of your car accident and that you are driving a vehicle that had been damaged and was repaired, fixed and/or repainted. Instead, you could be driving in a brand new or lightly used car or truck with no history of damage and in perfect condition. This point is a pretty straight forward one, why would you rather be driving in a repaired vehicle when you could be driving one in perfect condition?

You CAN sell wrecked cars!

Although it may not be known to most people, you in fact CAN sell wrecked cars to us at Trade Your Wreck. That is in fact why we exist, to buy damaged but repairable vehicles from people just like you who want to sell their wrecked vehicle / trade their damaged vehicle and get into a brand new and perfect car or truck of their choice!

At Trade Your Wreck we give you, the victim in this case, options. Instead of feeling forced to fix or repair your car, you can simply get your damaged vehicle inspected and estimated (by one of our specialists or by taking the pictures and documentation yourself with one of our packages), have our damaged and wrecked car specialists list your car for auction, have us sell your car at auction and send you a check for your vehicle! On top of this, you will also be able to receive a check from your insurance company and have more money in your pocket to go out a purchase either a brand new car or a lightly used, perfect vehicle!

Remember, you have options and with Trade Your Wreck you can get the best price possible when you sell your wrecked car (we BUY wrecked cars)!