Dealership Wreck Program

If you have a body shop, TradeYourWreck.com can turn it into a New Car Sale Breeding Ground! Everyday the body shop manager speaks to customers that are very particular or do not want their car repaired. Provide your customers the option to turn that wrecked car into a trade-in towards a new car sale and reap the rewards.

Auto dealerships around the country are learning a new way of handling an old problem…the inconvenience and costs of repairing or replacing wrecked vehicles. TradeYourWreck.com provides a new way of looking at wrecked vehicle management.

No hassle body shop = More satisfied customers
More New Car Sales
Repeat Business

TradeYourWreck.com allows your customer the option to sell their wrecked vehicle and add the sales proceeds to their insurance company’s repair allowance, providing your customer the ability to immediately translate the sale of their wrecked vehicle into a down payment on a new car.

It really is that easy!

Increase your profits - Retain a happy customer.

No more hassles over selling the damaged vehicle. No storage issues, no transportation costs, just a smooth transaction process from start to finish, and a happy customer who is much more likely to continue being YOUR happy customer in the future.

Sign up now to become a TradeYourWreck.com partner, and see how we’re changing the system…for the better. Call us today at 877.392.6276 and don’t spend another minute stressing out over wrecked vehicle disposition.