Insurance Company

If you’re an insurance company, TradeYourWreck.com has a solution to fit your needs as well.

Ever have a client that did not want their car repaired and the vehicle wasn’t totaled?

Become a TradeYourWreck.com partner and provide your client options. By offering your client a choice it will make him/her happy and assist in retaining them and gaining new customers in the future.

By becoming a trading partner with TradeYourWreck.com, you can leverage the SalvageNow auto marketing system to present your salvage vehicles to buyers all over the world. Unlike other companies, we don’t require any up-front fees. You simply pay when the vehicle is sold.

SalvageNow successfully processes over 300,000 vehicles a year, with auctions available in all 50 states, plus locations overseas. We accept vehicles from any state in the USA, plus you get the benefit of Vemark’s industry leading customer service to ensure that there are no headaches along the way.

The bottom line is pretty simple…You increase your renewals, avoid costly legal action, reduce the amount of time and expense involved in following-up and inspecting a repair the client didn’t want in the first place and are better able to make your customers happy by providing them with options during a difficult time.

With TradeYourWreck.com, all you get are solutions. Call us today at 877.392.6276 to find out what we can do to make your business stronger than ever!