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Can You Get Money From Your Crashed Car

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When it comes to getting money from your crashed car, there are many determining factors in the evaluation of your vehicle get the best price. But first, let’s start out with ways of getting top dollar for your damaged car.

What Are Your Options To Receive Money From Your Crashed Car

  • Insurance Companies – Whenever you are involved in a car accident, your vehicle will be filed as a total loss, and in some cases, it will not be. Majority of the time, your insurance company will give you a settlement for the vehicle are you will have enough money to purchase your next vehicle.
  • Salvaged Auto Auctions – These are auctions are the middleman between you and the insurance companies. It is a process of bringing in potential buyers who will bid on your vehicle for the best and competitive price. In essence, you can actually make more money by going through the salvaged auto auctions than going straight to the insurance companies.
  • Full-Service Salvage Yards – These yards are services to are known to break down your late-model crashed car into parts and selling them to body shops, car dealerships, garages. Then they provide warranty for the parts that they sell to other companies. Because of this model from the full-service salvage yards, you can get very good money this way.

What Is The Process of Trade Your Wreck To Get Your Money From Your Crashed Car

Here is how our process at Trade Your Wreck works:

  1. We have our team of specialists evaluate and inspect your wrecked vehicle for particular damages and make sure your vehicle can be salvaged.
  2. We then put your vehicle through an online auction where other buyers bid and give the best price.
  3. You have the option of picking up a great offer at your discretion

We make our process very simple and efficient so you can get your money fast. You can use it to get a used vehicle or a brand new car!




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