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Reasons to Consider Purchasing a Salvaged Vehicle

purchasing a salvaged vehicle

There has always been a major debate over the merits of purchasing a car or vehicle with a that has been in an accident. Critics will sometimes allege that buyers can not always know how bad the damage was, or they point to issues with insurance, finances and reduced value problems.

Here at Trade Your Wreck, we provide you with all the info you need to make an informed purchase on our online auto auction or you are looking to salvage your vehicle.

Lower Price

Arguably the largest reason for many buyers of cars that have been in an accident previously is the price. Potential buyers can locate cars at potentially significantly lower rates when they have been in an accident in the past, even after all damage has been repaired. Intelligent buyers who are looking to get the best deal may notice that they are paying under what is traditionally referred to as the “blue book value”. Our goal is to provide you with one of the worlds largest online auto auctions that feature cars of all makes, models, and conditions.

A salvage title remains with the car for the remainder of its lifetime. If you purchased it to get 60% of its usual price, you may only have the ability to receive 60% of its usual value when you sell it. The total effect is that you save a great deal when you maintain it for quite a very long moment. But should you elect to sell your car every two or three decades, your savings in the time of buying is going to probably be clubbed in the time of selling, once you’ll have a more difficult time trying to market it and it is possible you may not make as much back.

Possible Insurance Savings

Some buyers use the idea of lower cost car in their own favor through insurance. They call up insurance agents and shop around for an insurance company that will match the lower value of the car they have purchased. This can potentially lead to lower insurance payments depending on the type of insurance that is chosen for your car.

Cars For Life

Many people who purchase a used vehicle such as the ones we offer at our auction will go on to drive it for many years. Some may even drive their car for the remainder of its life. Here is the idea: any car is only as good as its performance or getting you from point A to point B. If a significantly cheaper vehicle is able to perform the same job as a brand new car, the buyer has saved potentially a very large amount of money.

In addition, If you are already knowledgeable and skilled in repairing vehicles and properly maintaining them, a salvage vehicle may be perfect for you. If you know your way around a junkyard and you are not averse to scratching your knuckles a little, it is possible to save additional cash by purchasing a salvage-title automobile that has not been completely fixed yet. If you can figure the expense of the repairs still desired, and what it could take to include them you can figure out how much you can save and how much value you can add back into the automobile, you could save significantly.

The First Car

Used vehicles that have been previously damaged can make a great first car for someone in the family who is just starting to drive. There’s no need to purchase an incredibly expensive new vehicle when a previously used car acquired at auction will provide the same basic transportation you are looking for. Save money and cut the bottom line by considering purchasing a car from our online auto auction.


Like most things in life, there is a reward for hard or risk. If you are ready to look at purchasing your next automobile, you could be able to pocket the significant cost savings. This decision is of course entirely up to you, so feel free to think it over or get in contact with our auto auction team if you have any questions.


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