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Can I see my crashed car? Let’s take a closer look.

Inspecting crashed car for damages

Can I Sell My Crashed Car?

How to sell a damaged car for cash.

Don’t Let Diminished Value Affect Your Vehicle’s Bottom Line

You may be asking yourself “Can I sell my crashed car?” or “How much can I get to junk my car”. Just like your car crash, the value of your vehicle has come crashing down as well. Once a vehicle has been in an accident, it becomes nearly impossible to re-sell, or trade in for the blue book value. The consumer can approach the insurance company and ask for a diminished value claim, or sell the vehicle before repairs are done. For the vast majority of cases, it makes sense to do both.

This is known as diminished value claim. Essentially, we see a significant drop in the value of a vehicle once it has been in an accident, regardless of the repairs made. It’s assumed that the vehicle has been repaired to the fullest extent, yet retains a lower value because of the crash. In fact, the standard rule for a damaged car is 15-25% less than the blue book value. Diminished value of vehicles is more or less a “stigma” tax. The reality being, since potential buyers don’t know exactly what happened, and what was repaired–solely that it was in an accident–they shy away from damaged vehicles.

Can I sell my Crashed Car? You Bet!

Think about this for a moment, once a vehicle has been in an accident, insurance companies cover the repair cost, but drivers are still left at a loss. Repairing the car is a costly, ultimately ineffective route, as resale values in the long-run will be low. People frequently ask, do dealerships take damaged cars? Yes, but they reduce the trade-in value significantly. A better option is to sell a wreck to a reputable company.

So you searched “Can I sell my crashed Car?”, by now you’re probably wondering how & where you can get cash for your wreck. Contact Us Today, or visit our About Cash for Wrecked Cars page to find out more information. Luckily at TradeYourWreck we have a long history of successful transactions and satisfied customers. We buy wrecked cars and get you the most for your junk car, by utilizing the diminished value claim to its maximum capacity! It’s an absolute must to have an expert in the industry, to guide you through the insurance claim process. Awareness of your rights as a consumer, in terms of diminished value claims, can turn your wrecked vehicle situation into a cash windfall. Make the easy choice, by trading in a totaled car, almost-totaled, or damaged vehicle with us today.

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