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Advantages to Selling Your Wrecked Car

Advantages to Selling Your Wrecked Car or Truck

For many people who have had their vehicle damaged or wrecked in a car accident, they believe that the only option they have is having their insurance company cover the cost of the repairs and fixing their damaged or wrecked car. This, however, is not the only option when dealing with a damaged car and people can in fact sell a wrecked or damaged car and also receive their check from the insurance company!

If you are thinking of this option, trading in your wrecked car or vehicle, you might want to know about the advantages of selling a wrecked or damaged car. There are in fact many advantages to selling a damaged vehicle as opposed to having your insurance company cover the cost of repairing it. Below we have highlighted just a few of the main advantages.

Your damaged car may not be the same after your vehicle repair is complete

People are generally led to believe that after your damaged vehicle is repaired by a body shop or mechanic, it is in fact as good as new. This is not always the case. When your car or truck is involved in an accident the damage that you and the body shop / mechanic discover may not be ALL the damage your wrecked car has received. It’s true that body shops and mechanics will try to discover all of the damage done to the car in order to quote and repair but it can be difficult at times to examine all the parts of a car. This means that even after your body shop or mechanic fix your damaged car, there could still be damaged parts unseen that could cause problems down the road.

A wrecked car will lose value after the vehicle is repaired

Even if your damaged or wrecked car looks and drives like new after the repairs are done following your accident, the actual value of your car will be less than that of the same car without a previous accident. As mentioned in the point above, damaged or wrecked vehicles tend to not be in the same shape as ones without a previous accident and, even if they are, having an accident listed on your vehicle’s history report will lessen the value of that car. Regardless if you planned to sell it to a private party or trade it in to a car dealership, you will be getting less for a previously damaged or wrecked vehicle as opposed to one without any damage or accident. In some cases, the could result in a significant decrease in value.

You could be driving a new car instead of a damaged vehicle

After you get your fixed vehicle back from the body shop or mechanic you will always know that your car was involved in an accident and received damage. Every time you hear a sound, feel a weird vibration or notice a panel looking a little different from the rest of the vehicle, you will be reminded of your car accident and that you are driving a vehicle that had been damaged and was repaired, fixed and/or repainted. Instead, you could be driving in a brand new or lightly used car or truck with no history of damage and in perfect condition. This point is a pretty straight forward one, why would you rather be driving in a repaired vehicle when you could be driving one in perfect condition?

You CAN sell wrecked cars!

Although it may not be known to most people, you in fact CAN sell wrecked cars to us at Trade Your Wreck. That is in fact why we exist, to buy damaged but repairable vehicles from people just like you who want to sell their wrecked vehicle / trade their damaged vehicle and get into a brand new and perfect car or truck of their choice!

At Trade Your Wreck we give you, the victim in this case, options. Instead of feeling forced to fix or repair your car, you can simply get your damaged vehicle inspected and estimated (by one of our specialists or by taking the pictures and documentation yourself with one of our packages), have our damaged and wrecked car specialists list your car for auction, have us sell your car at auction and send you a check for your vehicle! On top of this, you will also be able to receive a check from your insurance company and have more money in your pocket to go out a purchase either a brand new car or a lightly used, perfect vehicle!

Remember, you have options and with Trade Your Wreck you can get the best price possible when you sell your wrecked car (we BUY wrecked cars)!