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Trade in Your Wrecked Car – We Buy Wrecked Cars

Are you looking to “Trade in a Wrecked Car?”.  We provide a simple alternative to the lengthy process of working with a dealership.

At Trade Your Wreck we give you, the owner of a damaged or wrecked car, options! Previously, vehicle owners who had a damaged or wrecked car did not have many options when it came to repairing their vehicle and getting back on the road. As you may or may not be aware, repairs to wrecked vehicles can take weeks or longer, are extremely inconvenient, can create doubt in the reliability of the vehicle, rarely come out as expected and, when it all is said and done, your vehicle is worth far less than it was before the accident. This is a common problem to anyone who has ever had a damaged or wrecked car and that is why we are here! We provide solutions to those who are even looking to sell a car with body damage. Visit our page for auto bodyshop owners.


At Trade Your Wreck we give you options and we buy wrecked cars! You can get an estimate on your car’s value, sell your wrecked car instead of repairing it, take the check from the insurance company plus the check from the wrecked vehicle’s sale, and get yourself an even better car, one without all the problems and consequences that come with repairing a wrecked vehicle.


Advantages to Selling Your Wrecked Car

There are MANY advantages to selling your wrecked car to Trade Your Wreck. View our blog post, titled “Advantages to Selling Your Wrecked Car” to learn more! Trade in your damaged car today!

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