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Can I Trade in My Wrecked Car to a Car Dealership?

We Buy Junk Cars

Over the past few weeks we have gotten a lot of questions some people asked if we buy junk cars, some asked if you could trade in your wrecked car or damaged vehicle to the car dealership when buying a new car. We understand this is a big question, especially for people who have recently been involved in a car accident and now they are stuck driving a damaged but repairable vehicle. In today’s blog post, we will share our insight in the process of trading in your wrecked vehicle in order to buy a new vehicle, whether you can do that at a car dealership and the advantages and disadvantages to doing so.

Should you trade in your wrecked or damaged vehicle?

To start this off, let’s address why you most likely found our blog. You have been driving your car or truck and unfortunately you have been involved in a car accident. Now your beautiful vehicle is a damaged or wrecked car / truck and you are thinking if you should have your insurance cover the cost of repairing this vehicle or if you should just move on and get into a brand-new ride.

While having your wrecked vehicle’s repair covered by the insurance company might sound like the easiest and best option, you will be left with a previously damaged car or truck that may never be the same as it was before the accident. Besides having the value of your previously wrecked vehicle going down, there are a lot of chances that the drivability of your car or truck will not be the same as it was when it is new. This is why many people in your shoes choose to trade in their wrecked vehicle instead of continuing to drive it, even if they can have the insurance company repair it. For more reasons and advantages to selling / trading in your wrecked car or truck, you can read an earlier blog post of ours, “Advantages to Selling Your Wrecked Car.

Depending on damage, some car dealerships will take in your wrecked vehicle

Now, you probably are thinking of trading in your damaged or wrecked vehicle to the car dealership and trading up for a new, perfect car or truck. That is a great idea, and you sure are going to feel better once you are behind the wheel of a brand-new car. The only question you have now is, will the car dealership take your damaged or wrecked car / truck in as a trade.

Most car dealerships will not take in a damaged or wrecked vehicle on trade. This is because it is extremely hard to resell a damaged or wrecked car. In the rare case that the car dealership does take in your wrecked vehicle, your car will have to have very minimal damage to it. The type of damage a car could have that a car dealership MAY take in would include some light body damage, possible window damage but not much more than that. If your car has this light damage, you might be able to trade it in to a car dealership. The thing is WE buy junk cars.

Disadvantages to trading in wrecked vehicle to car dealership

Even if your car or truck has light damage and you are able to trade it in for a new car at a car dealership, you still may want to stay away from this option.

When you go to a car dealership with a damaged or wrecked car, the sales people will immediately realize that you are in a desperate position. They will know that you are quickly trying to get rid of your damaged car in order to buy a new one. They don’t call car dealerships “stealerships” for no reason, and with trading in your wrecked or damaged car, these dealerships will try to take advantage of you and your situation. In almost all cases of a car dealership taking in a damaged car as a trade, the consumer is sure to get nickel and dimed for their wrecked car. What’s worse is that the car dealership will try and convince you that they are doing you a favor and that your car is not worth a penny more.

Why you should trade your damaged vehicle to Trade Your Wreck

Instead of taking your wrecked or damaged vehicle to the car dealer to try and trade it in, we recommend you first checking out Trade Your Wreck and learning what we can do for you and your situation. With many years in the industry, the professionals at Trade Your Wreck work to get you the absolute highest price for your damaged or wrecked car. Here you will be able to take advantage of your insurance money from your wreck and also get cash back for trading in your wrecked vehicle to us. We buy junk cars !

After getting the most money possible, you can go to the car dealership without worry of getting ripped off on your trade, and have cash on hand to purchase a brand-new car! For more information on Trade Your Wreck, and what we can do for you, simply visit our “How it Works” page. If you have any other questions, be sure to call us at 877-393-6276. We are here for you, and look forward to helping you get out of the situation you are in and get back behind the wheel of a shiny new car or truck!

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