Wrecked Car Owners

In the past, vehicle owners who have been in an accident didn’t have many options when it came to repairing the vehicle and getting back out on the road. Repairs can take weeks, are inconvenient and create doubt, they rarely come out as you expect, either mechanically or aesthetically and the car is now worth significantly less than before the accident.

TradeYourWreck.com Gives You Options!

You can get an estimate on your car’s value, sell the car instead of repairing it, take the check from the insurance company plus the check from the wrecked vehicle’s sale, and get yourself an even better car, one without all the problems and consequences that come with repairing a wrecked vehicle.

You have to understand how the business works. Your insurance adjustor works for the insurance company. It’s in the insurance adjustor’s best interest to estimate the damage to save their company money. Everyone in the chain is looking out for THEIR own best business interests.

Popular vehicle reporting services (like Carfax® or AutoCheck®) will forever remember the damage, making your vehicle less valuable to potential buyers when you go to sell it or trade it in. Don’t get burned!

How Do We Do This?

TradeYourWreck.com auctions the vehicle online to tens of thousands of companies that buy damaged vehicles throughout the world and presents for your approval the highest bid. Often, the bid amount plus the insurance repair allowance is more than the current ‘book’ value of your car.

It doesn’t matter if your car was damaged in an accident, during a storm, or even if it was broken into. Now you can sell your damaged vehicle for top dollar, get a new car, and be back on the road in no time without moving the wrecked vehicle.

Contact us today by calling 877.392.6276 or fill out the convenient form on the right side of the page. You’re just a few short clicks away from solving your wrecked vehicle problems. What are you waiting for?

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