You've Got Options!

If you have been in an auto or truck accident, you may feel like you don’t have any real choices other than having your vehicle repaired. What if the repairs don’t restore your vehicle to its pre-wreck condition? Regardless of the quality of the workmanship it is near impossible to repair a vehicle to your 100% satisfaction. This is usually what happens, and then you settle for driving the “fixed” vehicle anyway.
Popular vehicle reporting services (like Carfax® or AutoCheck®) will forever remember the damage, making your vehicle less valuable to potential buyers when you go to sell it or trade it in. Don’t get burned!

What if you could get a completely different vehicle instead? gives you options… Simply contact us after your accident, and we will send out an inspector to your home or auto repair shop to collect photos, inspect the vehicle, load the data and start the auction. Or, if you prefer, you can take the photos and submit the required information yourself to receive an offer. will then make you an offer for the wrecked vehicle. You can add that amount to the repair amount you’ll receive from your insurance company and go get another vehicle…one that hasn’t been wrecked.

Call us today at 877-392-6276, or fill out the convenient form to get a fast quote from on your damaged vehicle. You’ll be back on the road again fast, and in a vehicle you actually want to drive!

Wrecked Car Owners
It doesn’t matter if your car was damaged in an accident, during a storm, or even if it was broken into. Now you can sell your damaged vehicle for top dollar.

Insurance Companies
Ever have a client that didn’t want their car repaired and the vehicle wasn’t totaled?
Become a TradeYourWreck. com partner and provide your client options.
Bodyshop Wreck Program
A few of your customers really don’t want to drive a repaired vehicle, but they don’t feel like they have any options. Now you have an alternative to repairing that unprofitable vehicle.
Dealership Wreck Program
Auto dealerships around the country are learning a new way of handling an old problem…the inconvenience and costs of repairing or replacing wrecked vehicles